TV commercials or TV programs ... our films tell a story in 30 seconds or 60 minutes.

For Discovery Channel we sailed Captain Kidd to the Indian Ocean...

tried him in an 18th century courtroom and hanged him.

For Johns Hopkins we interviewed 50 doctors, found jaw dropping research...

And created a marketing film that raised $3 billion.

We made the first AIDS documentary for MTV. It was also the first music video to win a Cine Golden Eagle.

We love to film real people. Kids, scientists or CEOs...

We look for the magic spark in each person.

We think education is important and deserves great media.

That's why we created Vanderpool Learn.

2D or 3D... our team is very animated.

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Check out this 90-second sampler.

In Focus

Vanderpool Films creates a splash for the "Y." 

Shot in Super 35mm the 2012 Y television campaign features real people working out and includes some pretty cool underwater shots.  Motion templates with multiple moving images allow footage to be "reshuffled" for each new script.  View video

Who We Are

Vanderpool Films. We have been developing and producing commercials, documentaries, and television programs for more than two decades.

We design our films to catch the eye and connect emotionally with audiences.

Our goal is to entertain -- but we also want to inform people and make a positive difference in the world.

It starts with a great concept or a great story.  Then we work with our clients to figure out the best media to get it across.  Sometimes it's a TV spot or a web film.  Sometimes it's a television show, a documentary, a series or a branding and marketing campaign.

Our production team is headed by Creative Director, Charles Vanderpool and Producer / Writer Marilyn Vanderpool. We also have some of the most talented art directors, editors, animators and composers in the business.

Vanderpool Films is located on two coasts - east coast and gulf coast – for year round studio and location production, in-house editorial and lots of recreation.

Vanderpool Learn -- Expanding Vanderpool Films


Vanderpool Films has expanded.  We now do educational media.  Lots of it.

We are very excited about our latest project - LabTV. Seventy shows and counting.

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