Branding and Media Design

Creating concepts, developing ideas or enhancing existing ideas
Branding, brand expansion and integration
Art direction, graphic design
Web development and integration
Scriptwriting, copy writing


Fluent in all formats: 16 & 35 MM film, HD imaging from 720P to 4K
Tapeless camera original media management and archiving
Specializing in file based imaging work-flow
Location or studio
Green/blue screen
Wicked efficient setups
Inspired cinematography

Post Production

AVID & FCP editorial suites
Media file format conversion
Tape or file based finishing
All HD & SD formats
Animation & graphics
Color correction
Audio Mixing
Compression &  encoding

Media Deployment

Repurposing media to meet the needs of multiple outlets
DVD design & authoring
Web movies
Podcast & streaming media
Large venue HD projection
HD Frame Pulls for Print  & web (any pulled frame)