The world is full of great stories.
We love to tell them.

Documentary films capture real people and real events. We like to create documentaries that tell stories with important messages. We want to inform our audiences, shed light on issues and improve the health and welfare of the planet - and the people in it. Of course it helps if the films are entertaining...


  • "All Men Are Created Equal" & "Light and Liberty"

    We have helped the National Park Service create some of their most memorable films including the Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Johnstown Flood Memorial and the Gettysburg National Park.
  • "Day for Night"

    Eight teens share their personal stories of depression. This award-winning film is distributed in high schools throughout the world and has been credited with helping to remove the stigma of teenage mental illness. Both the kids and the film were featured on Oprah.
  • "Love is Stronger than Death"

    This music video documentary for British group, "The The," and (Sony) Epic Records was the first AIDS music video to air on MTV. It was also the first music video to win a Cine Golden Eagle. Shot with both B&W negative and reversal film.


  • "On the Roof of the World"

    Filmed in Pakistan, this documentary traces Marco Polo's Silk Road route through the Himalayas --- across the Karakorum Highway to the Chinese border.
  • "Foster Grandparents"

    An elderly woman comforts teenage killers in a high security prison in San Antonio.
  • "Touching Families"

    IBM funded this documentary about the rebirth of an inner city community