What is It?


We started Vanderpool Learn because we think that education is important.

Educational media should be rich in content and also entertaining. Kids are a tough audience. To reach them and hold their attention, we use the same level of creative design and production that we use in our TV spots and television programs.

A generation of kids are tethered to the Internet -- let's invite them to learn while they're there. Most Vanderpool Learn media revolves around the web: web sites, films, streaming media and social media. We also design classroom teaching tools, package DVD educational programs and help create support networks for schools and teachers.

Vanderpool Learn creates all kinds of educational media - but we specialize in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math). Study after study shows that American students are falling behind their international peers in these subjects. We want to help them get the skills they need to compete in an increasingly competitive world.

We think that success in education is all about partnerships.

Collaborations promote the exchange of ideas and resources. We build relationships and bring partners together: government, education, non-profit, and private industry.

We have partnerships and collaborations with some of the biggest names in the "education" business -- BEST (Building Engineering and Science Talent), National Science Teacher's Association, Museum of Science in Boston, National Defense Education Program (DoD), University of Chicago, Very Special Arts, DRADA.

Vanderpool Learn director, Marilyn Vanderpool, is a former college professor with advanced degrees in science and education. As a writer, her knowledge of science and technology helps her distill complex concepts into clear, accurate and entertaining visual media. The Vanderpool Learn education advisers and technical researchers help insure that the media supports state and national educational standards.

We create connections between the world of education, the world of science and the world of visual media. The goal of Vanderpool Learn is to create educational media that is relevant, accessible, and "way cool." We want to give teachers more tools. We want to connect kids with ideas.