What We Do


We combine experience, artistic vision and the very latest technology tools.

At Vanderpool Films, veteran filmmakers work with innovative young talent to provide a full range of media services from concept design and storyboard through production, editorial finishing and media deployment.

We believe that great storytelling is important whether we're creating a 30 second commercial or a 60 minute film. But it has to be the right story for our client. That's why we do lots of research and work closely with clients to help select the best message and media.

We love to film "real people" and we work hard to create a supportive atmosphere so they can tell their stories, sell a product, or convey ideas. We take pride in making real people feel good and look good on camera - so their magic shines through.

Our tag-line is "moving pictures."  Charles Vanderpool began his career as a cinematographer and he has never forgotten those roots.  Each image has to be amazing - no exceptions.

We are both artists and geeks.  Although we started in film (and still shoot it when appropriate) we really love the new production technologies.  We see them as tools.  More paints in our paintbox.  We can take our film skills and apply them to these other formats.

The sky's the limit.  Today post production offers unlimited options - and we have them. Our editors, animators and composers use the latest tools to turn inspired ideas and beautiful footage into great films.

Even with all these new toys - production and post production has actually gotten cheaper in the past 20 years. That means we can do a lot more for our clients - and still save them money.