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Extraordinary stories

Three decades of creating television programs, documentaries and marketing films

National Geographic Marco Polo

Discovery Channel Captain Kidd

Films about real people

Each person is unique. A great film captures that essence.
There is a magic that happens when people relax and the camera melts away.
They become themselves – and the audience connects.

Johns Hopkins Medicine fundraising campaign

Oklahoma City Disaster Mortuary Team

MTV music video Love is Stronger Than Death

Head Start nonprofit marketing

Films that entertain

You only have a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention.
The challenge is to keep it.

YMCA Deeper Here marketing campaign

Films with a message

So are they films or videos? The art of producing, shooting, and editing film has been a tradition of ours since the 1980s. Our current projects reflect our experience in the craft – even though they are captured with the latest digital cinema cameras and edited using state-of-the-art computer, color correction, audio and animation tools. Although we call the final products films – many of our clients call them videos or digital videos. We don’t mind.

MIT Lincoln Labs marketing and education

Head Start nonprofit marketing

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